Saturday, January 1, 2011

Section 4 Ch. 6 &7

Chapter 6 talked about the differences between experts and novices. It made me understand why we need to teach children step by step and not expect them to understand the big picture right away. I really liked it when they said we need to teach them to think about the footwork and about the basics of their stroke before we teach them strategies when teaching them about tennis. I thought this went way beyond tennis. That is something we should remember when teaching anything.

Chapter 7 talked about he different learning styles of students and how knowing those styles can help us to help our students more. I think the main ideas that I take away from this chapter was that I as a teacher need to think about changing my teaching styles more frequently during a lesson. I always differentiate my instruction but never thought about doing it within my lesson. A good change up during a lesson can help students refocus their attention. I know I do this in many ways, but not in the ways pointed out in this chapter.

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  1. To differentiate the instruction, you really have to know your students. In our small schools, this is easy to do, but I can see in bigger schools where there are more numbers in each classroom this can be a challenge. We need to reach students in order to teach them best.